Learning the Art of Happiness

Learning the Art of Happiness

Are you pursuing happiness? Join the club of one of the biggest desires of humanity. The answer is easy but the path to happiness is often hidden. Learn to see its signs.

Kristin teaches a unique practice – an ANCIENT YOGA STYLE that balances you from the inside out. A so-called MEDITATION IN MOVEMENT. It indicates you the way to your inner teacher. On this path you will find the anwers for your very own way of happiness and you will also learn to reintegrate them from a wholesome perspective. Every cell in your body will learn how to relax and meditate in a gentle but firm way – so you will evolve physically, mentally and emotionally.

This is EVERYBODY’S joy: beginners, yoga pros, anybody who is stressed, overworked, scared and / or longs for a new, natural and profound partnership with him/herself.

When practiced regularly you open the gate to your inner teacher and the voice within.

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NEW: Monthly Workshops in Alaró, Mallorca in Spanish:  FLYER / FOLLETO

“Relaxation is the preparation for meditation.”
Bhagavan (Shri Kali)

Background: Kristin is a certified yoga teacher for the so called Kaula Tantra Yoga. It is an ancient (up to 10.000 years) and wholesome practice (whole body, mind and soul). She combines this gentle but strength-building practice with elements of Kundalini Yoga (an ancient energy yoga).

Important to mention: the word “tantra” does not mean sexuality – as often misunderstood in the Western world. Tantra is more of an experience that is beyond words. The closest explanation might be the one of a wave that brings you back to yourself.

Key elements: yoga postures (asanas), contraction and relaxation, meditation in motion, breath work (pranayama), life balance, silence, introspection.