Key Aspects for the Quality of your Life

Key Aspects for the Quality of your Life

Stillness - Meditation - Peace

Silence is the antagonist of our daily life. It can be found in the deep water of our profound souls. By practicing in silent peace we reach awareness and allow live to unfold before us.

With Kristin’s work you change reality by finding stillness, so that your true intent can reveal itself.

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“The way you breathe is the way your live. The quality of your breath is the quality of your life.” Gurmukh

The Power of Breathing

What if – your breath was rich, fulfilling and energizing? How would your life quality change? Do you have any clues?

“Actually you have no idea – you are only using fragments”, says Kristin. “In our busy lives we forget what actually carries us through. We need to reconnect with our breath and rediscover the depth and power of it so it can guide us through life.”

Elements of breath awareness are part of Kristin’s coaching, training and yoga.

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Background: Breath work can be diverse and surprising. Kristin includes her experience from meditation, yogic and even shamanic practices such as anti-stress breath, breath of fire, breath to connect the right and the life side of the brain, breath to energize, integrate and release.