Life & Business Support: Focused – Sustainable – Empathic

Life & Business Support: Focused – Sustainable – Empathic

Kristin uses the so called GESTALT-SYSTEMIC coaching approach to support her clients in evolving manifold and surprising ways of SELF-DEVELOPMENT and EMPOWERMENT.

Her sessions are efficient, focused and creative. In a short period she supports her clients to find their inner strength, clarity and many more ressources so that they can take their next steps in life and business.

Possible topics for your coaching: personal, life and business crisis, loss of orientation, specific challenges and turning points, desorientation and loss of focus and vision.

Coaching benefits: finding clarity, focus and sources of new engergy and power; gaining ideas, ressources and creativity for new solution, exploring new perspectives and thus widening the range of opportunites for action.

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“Only by accepting yourself you will change and the world around you will do so, too.”
Paradox Theory

Gestalt Coaching: entering novel conversations with yourself and others

Gestalt coaching focuses on the PRESENT MOMENT – what is available right now. It is a creative, vivid and spontaneous approach to establishing greater (self-) awareness, understanding and confidence as well as clarity and insights into emotions and personal dynamics and patterns.

Dialogues with yourself, your “inner team” and the people that surround you will evolve and become clearer.

Background: Gestalt coaching is based on the work of Fritz Perls, renown creator of Gestalt Therapy, along with his wife Laura Perls and sociologist Paul Goodman.

Key elements: awareness, amplification of perspectives, precision, quality of contact, process- oriented, presence, working with the empty chair, paradox intervention.

“Problems are solutions for different goals.”
Systemic Approach

Systemic Coaching: addressing new dimensions of your reality construction

The way we look at ourselves and the world shapes them. By playing with our perspectives, awareness and attention for the system(s) we live in and with, our playground grows and our own perception can expand. Most solutions we’re looking for outside are already in the system that we’re part of.

Kristin uses the systemic coaching approach to support her clients in developing one of the most crucial skills in today’s world: the ability to change perspectives and gain manifold empathy.

Background: systemic coaching is based on the work of Paul Watzlawick, Niklas Luhmann, Steve de Shazer and Virginia Satir.

Key elements: solutions-focused, self-organisation, ressource-oriented, constructivism, circularity, system constellations, hypothesis, refraiming.

“There is no failure only feedback.” Neuro-Linguistic Programming

“There is no failure only feedback.” Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP: exploring the wealth that resides within you

One of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) priniples is: Everybody is unique. We all experience the world in a different way and deal with it in our very own manner. When we consider all our behaviours as useful in a certain context – there is nor right nor wrong.

All you need is already there. Kristin helps you to create access to the resources that lie inside you.

Background: Kristin uses elements of NLP to help you access your resources sustainably. NLP is based on the work of Robert Dilts and Richard Bandler.

Key elements: communication, resourcefulness, all your senses, modelling your life, skills, experience, pacing, sensing.