Put your projects in capable hands

Put your projects in capable hands

Successful projects depend on committed leadership, focused and connected communication, timing and flexibility.

The way Kristin handles projects is by structure, dialogue, pragmatism and efficiency. She has led projects at international level in training, education, events & general organisation in sectors such as HR & Training, Real Estate and IT-Technology. Her experience includes bloth classical as well as agile project execution.

Please feel free to contact her for a first conversation and / or more references.

“Strengths lies in differences not in similarities.”
Stephen R. Covey

Expert of projects:

Scopes: concept, development, coordination & execution of training, workshops & seminars, supervision & moderation, round tables, expert panel sessions, events and conferences incl. methods, setup and overall management, marketing & communication

Topics: „Digitale Competence“, „The Future of Work – New Forms of Work“, „Agile Working Methods“, creating high performing teams, employee engagement & empowerment, Working Out Loud, leadership & employee development, advancement vision, story online and strategic development

Target groups: all management levels, real estate professionals, field experts, leadership, HR management, project managers

Sectors & industries: education & training, real estate, public sector and finance sector, NGO, labour union, aerial industry, global management, execution & events