Gina, administrator from Vienna (43 years)

With her calm and sensitive manner, combined with a very relaxed voice, Kristin took me on a journey to myself using hypnosis. It never occurred to me that I could be so intimately connected to myself and yet feel so distant. Kristin’s pace was perfectly suited to my needs. The session was profoundly liberating, and I continue to benefit from the solutions we discovered. Each day, my body feels better and better. I am deeply grateful to have met Kristin, and I would book another hypnosis session with her without hesitation.

Deni, Yoga Teacher & Community Builder from Slovakia (39 years)

Her work was extraordinary and helped me in a very difficult period of my life. I loved her approach when it was difficult for me to feel connected and grounded with myself. Via phone calls she guided me through some mentally strengthening exercises that helped me finding my connection back to my heart and more lightness.

Sandra, trainer from Germany (43 years)

Kristin supports her clients with a high level of sensitivity, understanding and passion so they can navigate through challenging periods in life and discover suitable solutions. With her stunningly empathic, very sensitive manner, she puts herself in her clients’ shoes instantly. Her coaching style is understanding, highly creative and goal-orientated. The beautiful use of inner images, humor, patience and empathy are just fragments of her action. Thus, through her guidance I also discovered more self-empowerment and self-care. I always felt totally understood and look forward to attending a new session once it is needed.

Vanja, Life Coach from Croatia (46 years)

Working with Kristin was an amazing experience that surpassed all my expectations. I found myself stuck in a situation, full of doubts and not knowing which way to go. With a great skill Kristin guided me to explore my position to the deepest levels until I got my realizations and answers. Kristin is warm and genuinely caring; she holds your hand all the way until the resolution.
It was a big session; a big realization. One of those moments when you suddenly get a major breakthrough. Exceptional coach, life-changing session and an unparalleled coaching experience.

Karolin, lawyer from Germany (50 years)

You helped me tremendously with just two coaching sessions, that finally guided me to myself. I easily integrated new approaches we developed together and that fitted my needs perfectly.

Daniel, mechatronic technician from Germany (56 years)

I found the coaching work really vivid and helpful. It has given me tools that I continue to use, e.g. a new self-awareness to deal with former relationships and the respective processes. I re-discovered “lost” parts of my personality and am engaging to a more expressive authenticity. Today I communicate my anger differently.

Katrin, Interior Design from Germany (56 years)

I had some very supportive sessions with Kristin when I was in a dark space with depression and a lot of anger.
With her soft and loving and at the same time determined and structured way she opened the space to step back and find new perspectives on situations and relationships. This helped me to drop self destructive thinking patterns and to gain self trust and clarity about what I want and what I need.
I felt held and very safe in the surrounding she created with love and affection.
Thank you!

Nathalie, business consultant from Argentina (29 years)

I participated in a workshop on „Setting my Finances“. I needed clarity and vision and I got both during the workshop. Also, I learned how to balance aspects of my personality and got clarity about my income and expenses. I feel much more grounded now and am taking the next steps more confidently.
Kristin uses structure and creativity to combine serious matters with fun. I enjoyed her guidance and balance between male (money, facts, etc.) and female (vision, intuition, etc.) qualitites.

Elisabeth, goldsmith from Germany (68 years)

Kristin always sets the right impulse! She supported me with goal-oriented, creative contributions to take new perspectives and implement actions. Working with the “empty chair” was particularly helpful. This enabled my to express what had to be said. That was very liberating for me. Thank you!

Jasna, natural health professional from Germany (44 years)

Kristin succeeded in guiding me to the place where I realised the core of my problem and how to solve it – thanks to her empathic and sovereign attitude.
Positive, external results showed right after my internal work with her. There is still work to do and I know who to contact in the future. Thank you so much, Kristin!

Mariana, Photographer from Venezuela (33 years)

I have been honored to count on Kristin’s gifts on different occasions. Her support and guidance has always found me exactly when I was in need for perspective and a more concrete approach to my own life, my professional projects and my finances. My scattered ideas found ground when Kristin skillfully guided me through different exercises and techniques to observe myself and to find clarity about my own truth.
She definitely has a talent to create a session perfectly tailored to the specific needs of the client; she is caring, precise and mindful, and knows to hold a genuine safe space for self-inquiry with gentleness, softness, creativity and supportiveness.