Kristin Goas Osés

Supporting the experience of being HUMAN, living a life that is creative, resourceful and playful.

Understanding life and BUSINESS as projects in a process  with a certain order.

Kristin combines
Intuition & Structure


Empathy, creativity and her eagerness to find suitable and effective solutions are key drivers of Kristin’s work to people in their personal and professional lives.

She draws from a source of multiple years in international business, training and coaching combined with yoga, meditation; integrating therapeutic and holistic practices that include further dimensions of human work and life.

Kristin has studied business & communication management in Switzerland, Germany and Spain and certified additionally in an Advanced Management Program in Frankfurt and Madrid successfully.

The combination of intuition and structure provides Kristin with a skill set that is straightforward and targets the core of situations, matters, relations, etc.

Kristin's Portfolio